Whether you talk about a conference presenter, event moderator, or conference host, those fulfilling this role all have one thing in common. This is their ability to pull an event together by leading an audience through an event and linking different keynotes.

Conference presenters come from all walks of life. They could be celebrities, people with inspiring personalities or people considered authorities in a specific field. But they should all have the ability to make significant contributions to a wide range of different topics.

Promotivate Speaker Agency represents a wide range of leading professional conference presenters,  ranging from familiar faces on television and the entertainment industry to business experts to people considered in the front line of new technology. They are available to host or chair conferences and award ceremonies across Europe and further afield.

A really great conference presenter sets the pace of a conference. They introduce each speaker. They facilitate possible question and answer sessions. And they stand as a buffer between your speakers and any possible negativity. A conference presenter also ensures a speaker uses their time to the full maximum without unnecessary or awkward interruptions.

But a conference presenter is also a great speaker. They give the opening comments and set up your session for context and introduce each speaker. During the speaker transition process, they could also ask questions to clarify certain aspects of the previous speaker’s talk or start an opening question during a panel session before the transition on to the audience.

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    Promotivate Speaker Agency represents a wide range of conference presenters, moderators, and hosts spanning countries across the world. Each of these are specialists in what they do. They are also often specialists in certain subject fields.

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