World-class high-performance coaches, Olympic champions, soccer, rugby and rowing stars, adventurers, and the planet’s big mountain climbers can be found at ProMotivate Speaker Agency for conference speaking. Sport and adventure speakers are a breed apart, and rightly so. These people have overcome almost insurmountable challenges. In doing so, they have reached the pinnacle of success.

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    Sport And Adventure Speakers

    Sport and adventure speakers include extreme sport motivational speakers, successful sport motivational speakers and coaches, and adventure sport motivational speakers. These people have climbed the highest mountains, reached the deepest reaches of the seas, achieved the pinnacle of success in their chosen sport, and explored the most extreme places on the planet. And all have lived to tell their story.

    It is this quality of reaching what others see only as a dream and achieving it that distinguishes sport and adventure speakers from all others. They have pushed their limits and come out victorious.

    But they have also each faced loss, disappointments, and setbacks. Yet, even in this, they have persevered, turning these into life lessons that need to be learned, worked through, challenged, and overcome.

    What Sport And Adventure Speakers Offer

    Sport and adventure speakers know what it is to dream big and meet the challenge while overcoming adversity. In so doing, they compete at the highest level and overcome.

    These are each an expert in motivation, inspiration, team building, and facing and overcoming adversity.

    Our many sport speakers include the likes of such icons as Pelé, the greatest footballer of all time, Adam Walker who swam the world’s seven toughest oceans, and the world’s top climber Alain Robert. Our adventure speakers include such icons as the world’s greatest explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Cathy O’Dowd, the only woman to ever climb Everest from both the north and south sides, and the ‘Ice Warrior’ Jim McNeill, to name but a few.

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