Promotivate’s technology and innovation speakers are all dedicated experts. Each is in high demand at conferences across Europe. Their areas of expertise are vast and allow our clients the ability to pick the speaker that optimizes their conference needs. Furthermore, their speaking topics vary and include all areas relating to technology and innovation. Their topics include Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Robotics, Women in Tech, and Digital Transformation.

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Why Motivational Technology Speakers

Technology today impacts just about all aspects of modern society. We make use of technology on a daily basis, whether at work, at home, our healthcare systems, business, and many others.

But technology has also had an impact on our learning processes, making it more interactive as well as more collaborative. In so doing, it enables people to easier access and better engage with the plethora of materials available out there. In the past, access to resources involved a drawn-out procedure of doing research and finding sources, often spending hours in a library to find what they need. And often failing to do so.

But technology has also impacted our ways of communication. We can easily talk to someone living and working on the other side of the globe, whether for a friendly chat or as a way of conducting business. Social networking and emails have become the norm.

But the role of technology has also seen a difference in the way healthcare systems, banks, and even factories operate. The use of new innovation has enabled these industries to forge ahead in leaps and bounds. Not to mention the large range of wearables now commonplace, from something as small as an accessory on your wrist that monitors your heart rate, to the major advances due to technology within a surgical room.

And technology and innovation speakers are appearing to audiences across the globe, introducing the newest, most exciting products and trends to streamline how various corporate and public sections function and changing business model mindsets.

Motivational Technology Speakers

ProMotivate represents a wide range of motivational technology speakers. Each has made their mark in their particular field. We are talking about the likes of such experts as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Swiss AI expert Andy Fitze, futurist and trend researcher Caroline Rudzinski, and child prodigy and innovator Gitanjali Rao, to name but a few.

For more technology game-changers, please take a look at our various experts in their field. To peruse our other speakers, all of whom are at the forefront in their particular areas of expertise, please click here or contact us on +34938004890 or so we can further assist you.