With advancements in technology, people tend to increasingly utilise online resources. Virtual conferences have thus gained popularity. And virtual conference moderators are in demand.

A virtual conference, or online conference, gives organisations a different approach to host their events while keeping the face-to-face feeling of a regular conference. What is more, they could reach an even wider audience. But like any conference, you still need the experience of a qualified virtual conference moderator to ensure success. They keep the process flowing, introduce each speaker, and even lead the question asking process.

In effect, your moderator helps curate attendees’ experience so that the conference brings value, not only in content but on the general trend as well. This means you need someone with the ability to not only introduce your conference theme, but who can also provide a closing synopsis at the end.

At Promotivate Speaker Agency we provide leading professional moderators for virtual conferences and events worldwide. Our moderators have sector expertise and are highly experienced in presenting to camera and to video conferencing platforms. Many of our best moderators are well known and highly experienced news presenters on global television news networks. Having a strong moderator will make all the difference and greatly improve the online experience for both current and future viewers who gain access to the session if recorded.

Amongst our imminently qualified virtual conference moderators, we count the likes of:

  • Chris Burns: International moderator with extensive experience crossing a plethora of different topics
  • Emma Crosby: UK TV News Anchor – International Conference Host, Moderator & Awards Presenter
  • Martina Fuchs: International Conference Host & Renowned TV presenter and business journalist fluent in 9 languages

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    What Makes A Strong Virtual Conference Moderator

    An exceptional virtual conference speaker always has their hand on the pulse of your conference. They:

    How Do I Find And Book A Virtual Conference Moderator

    Please contact us via our online form to book your virtual conference moderator. Alternatively, please email us at ask@pro-motivate.com or, for a telephonic conversation, +34938004890 (Spain) or +44 (0)2078711829 (UK). We would love to put you in touch with the virtual conference moderator for your conference needs.