UPDATE: Managing Speaker Bookings With Covid-19

UPDATE: Managing Speaker Bookings With Covid-19

16th March 2020: An Update on Speaker Booking Policy due to Covid-19 Virus Outbreak


To help clients in this difficult period Promotivate has adjusted its booking terms and added virtual speaker streaming as a service to clients.

1. Money-Back Guarantee On All Bookings

To assist with those nervous about committing to contracting on events from 16th March and during this alarming period of Covid-19, Promotivate are providing a “money-back guarantee” that any bookings made would be released from contract and clients will be refunded all amounts paid should they need to cancel any event as a direct result of Covid-19.

2. Virtual Keynote Speaking To Your Employees

We can offer live streaming many of our leading inspirational speaker’s keynotes directly to your group whilst they work from home. This provides the ability to continue to show commitment to your employees and retain positivity and focus.

Please send us any queries or questions that you have to ask@pro-motivate.com for more information. We’re here to help you keep planning and looking forward to the future.


Jonathan Curran, Managing Director