Why Event Companies Use ProMotivate Speakers Agency

Why Event Companies Use ProMotivate Speakers Agency

Or put differently:Why do Event Companies and Event Organisers try to incorrectly bypass Speakers Agencies’?

Most event companies believe they’ll get a better deal and can make more money going directly to the speaker. This is not true with here at ProMotivate. It is, however, true with many of our competitors.

Let’s ask again;Why do Event & Conference Organisers work with ProMotivate?’

Answer – ProMotivate has an agreement with all its speakers that the rate that we quote is the same direct rate the speaker quotes themselves. We often have licence to negotiate lower fees for our speakers which they themselves are uncomfortable doing.

Rewarding Event Companies

At Pro Motivate, we offer incentives for event organisers who bring us opportunities to collaborate. When an event organiser introduces us to a potential speaking engagement, we adjust the speaker’s fee to reflect the assistance provided. This reduction is absorbed by us, not the speaker, acknowledging the value of the initial sales opportunity. However, it’s important to note the competitive landscape we operate in, with numerous event companies vying for conference management contracts. We prioritize responsiveness when presented with realistic opportunities, as opposed to speculative pitches. While speaker provision constitutes a fraction of the overall event proposal, the quality of event speakers recommended can significantly enhance the proposal’s appeal. By leveraging our network of leading event speakers, we aim to elevate the proposal’s competitiveness, increasing the likelihood of securing the project.

I Am An Event Company, How Do I Get This Speakers Deal?

Any event companies can take us up on this offer. Call your regional office on the telephone number below or send us some details of the request to ask@pro-motivate.com or use our contact form here.